On Company Time

ISSUE I (Sept/Oct 2006)

_ Blade Pitch Control Unit
_ A CROCK REVERIE / A Crock Reverie
_ Before and After Mallarmé
_ The Descent of Alette
_ Real.izing the Utopian Longing...
_ The Unconditional
_ Begetting Textile
_ Stretchers


Before and After Mallarmé
Peter Manson (Survivors' Press, 2005)

An Advertisement by Delilah Glaxo-Kleitmann
- -

don’t buy Mallarmé until you’ve tried, Peter Manson!
see for YOURSELF his unparalleled results:

Avec clarté quand sur les cousins tu la poses
Comme un casque guerrier d’imperatrice enfant
Dont pour te figurer il tomberait des roses.

With Manson*:

“. . . doing up your hair

with light as you recline upon the cushions
like the battle helmet of an infant empress
from which, to stand for you, should tumble roses.”

Leading competitor** Standard industry result:

“. . . for your crown

of light when on the pillows you lay it prone
like some child-empress’s war-morion
that in your likeness showers roses down . . .”

- -
Posted August 20, 2006