On Company Time

ISSUE I (Sept/Oct 2006)

_ Blade Pitch Control Unit
_ A CROCK REVERIE / A Crock Reverie
_ Before and After Mallarmé
_ The Descent of Alette
_ Real.izing the Utopian Longing...
_ The Unconditional
_ Begetting Textile
_ Stretchers


Begetting Textile
Marjorie Welish (Equipage, 2000)
Available here.

Reviewed by Delilah Glaxo-Kleitmann
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a rich phenomenology of a casual reading of Begetting Textile ~ is Marjorie the madam lacking from Cork, Sean said was lovely? ~ I remember this one ~ diaphanous ~ this is that one that it is diaphanous but should I shut the cover till I quit inking? ~ [outcome unchronicled] ~ that diaphanous, abstract, austere episode ~ essentia and force ~ fractal given chat show ~ she read, didn’t she, at an early festival ~ I am a busy man ~ what is it then ~ I won’t ~ we hump to Harlow, we don’t consider the whyfores of Harlow or of uh ~ what a rich phenomenology would ~ when the word diaphanous is selected there is first a pause, and diaphanous goes down: approved, incomplete, yet adequately complete ~ a translation ~ a trans- “apple pie is be brought to me” ~ do I get a . . . ~ what the Hell is the race of this place? ~ that was a splendid – apple goo on my shoe ~ [stop chronicle] ~ nslation from something abrim with the content, “abundant, incorrigible, intangible exo-grammars,” to the word ~ diaphanous ~ should do a gloss of the single Cold Calling poem ~ but what would be understood by her of that, that I, I am snide ~ what of Peter’s, great if one nailed one ~ Fonz ~ as if ~ Clueless girls ~ “as iff” belongs in my poems, “as if and only if” ~ I’m not feelin it ~ how to ~ uh how to do things ~ nothing sunk in for half a page ~ “many-valued trespass” I like that ~ “trellis” like that ~ “trellis in everything” like that ~ trellis, pallor ~ wonder of it, prosody, prosodic procedures ~ limited letters availed innit ~ as if & then . . . a quotation I should ~ I should in seconds be able to know something interesting about that ~ huh ~ didn’t read the title until this very ~ TEXTILE ONE ~ flip ~ through ~ poem goes over her page does it ~ flip ~ flup ~ flup through ~ yup textiles every last ~ one of you ~ I did not notice earlier, second line, my how attractive you are ~ read lines: one, two, three, four, nine, eleven, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five ~ tedious chronicling duty, bracketed ~ like the font ~ I’m diggin this, will I have had to have liked ~ no harm in walking harm in harm ~ trellis in everything, what’d that be, weave ~ textile ~ text isles ~ dust the impoverished ~ does this monologos’s poverty throw back on the poem ~ if it were done right, like reading the 111011001011001011011100110100100100001111101 of a JPEG ~ “wetting her shirt” doesn’t penetrate the abstraction, abstractamagoria ~ no midden of thing ~ maybe angry just I am now ~ 2000 AD, eh ~ hmm The Gig, How2, how long has Dell been doing How2? ~ can the lyric comprehend anything “not floral” anything “afloral” ~ up to and including incomprehension . . . I smile ~ don’t know what convection means, only her collocation ~ can I zoom out of this? ~ “iron is scarce in wax” I can use that, maybe in my Pirates Arr! sequence of groped chestnuts? ~ bracket the act of bracketing, otherwise . . . always it is a special case ~ I have trouble with beauty not in comic structure ~ as if vs. like ~ insofar as ~ as posthumous ~ flapping through ~ first lines ~ odd lines ~ “more text that house, housed” ~ verbing? ~ but also “nouned” ~ “the housed” is a noun or an adjective ~ good stag (19) ~ Keatsian vulgar tryst of matter and abstraction ~ Grecian urn ~ Keatsian to the benefit of “speech act” and how else to rescue philosophical language? ~ dismissive of mist’s specifications ~ Textile 9 is typical of what I remember . . . and Textile 2 . . . and . . . wait ~ let’s read ~ modem – modern ~ anything else like that? ~ maleureusement evil, fatwah, I need Google to crack ~ this ~ who am I kidding ~ Academic criticism: “because the slighted believe themselves academically literate” ~ American negative dialectics ~ dialectically negative pregnancy tests ~ “locals tanning” I can use that ~ I’m the winner there ~ I’m so hot . . . why’d I lose the wifebeater ~ ask Zurchs for name of trope ~ poverty as disappointing ~ the connectives, these ~ these relations underlying the connectives ~ ontological relations, material relations ~ third way relations ~ as if, insofar as, because ~ language foregrounded on what many philosophers believe to be essential features of being ~ “encore” I should use that word more ~ constantly ~ Ella . . . many names . . . Schubert . . . musical connection of course, reminds actually me of Critchley ~ the lie of diaphony ~ the lay of the ~ yes ~ an answer obscuring lyricism, the lyric / the lyre ~ cause / cause play ~ “to ascertain causes beyond rhetoric chorus” ~ read as “rhetoric chorus” which I liked but ~ “”because” pageant: / to give voice to a cause / choir / to ascertain causes beyond rhetoric / chorus” ~ the disenchantment to which we write cheques ~ “the disenchantment to which we write cheques” ~ “causality in lyric is trying” ~ like it ~ but not if trying is a pun ~ seldom any point in saying two things at once ~ maybe when you’re dying ~ or dead ~ witty, opposable thumb . . . doubt of a shadow, kneejerk inversion ~ Wildean wit ~ “which” by itself, I could use that sometimes ~ paint shadows ~ path formatted across not water ~ I like {fumes?} ~ absorbing, are there certain words appear absolutely servile to some synonym ~ potential in similes ~ Men At Work ~ as in the phrase, “Working Woman” ~ huge mallet predicated on identifying pink ~ persiflage: look it up, use it in a sentence ~ spill! ~ alternate ending ~ the Atlantic ~ rain suited to tape ~ do the more familiar things become attractive? ~ is that part of what growing inured to rebarbative language involves ~ aargh! can’t believe I said that to him! ~ why no peace – better this included, indications of wanderlust ~ stenciled friends ~ we reap before a single hearer ~ bearer I could use it as bearer ~ nah ~ nails in hand ~ jokey ~ that’s what I meant about structure dislocation ~ have I been set up? ~ experience of “getting it” is less like having evidence, more like being framed ~ wonder if anybody reads me like this ~ really bizarre ~ wonder why I picked it ~ secretly I liked it ~ [pause] ~ COMMUNITY OF LIARS ~ PERHAPS I SHOULD BUILD A POET TO RESPOND TO NEXT; BEGIN WITH AN INTUITION AND BUILD, FROM THE MOST COMPELLING WORKS OR CHARACTERISTICS OF SEVERAL CONTEMPORARIES, A POET WORTH TAKING SERIOUSLY ~ I WOULD HAVE TO AVOID CREATING A TOUR DE FORCE POET OR A SKILLED AVANT GARDE RHETORICIAN ~ THERE WOULD HAVE TO BE A DEFENDABLE GRAVITY CLUMPING THEM ~ A POET WORTH DESPISING?

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Posted September 6, 2006